Tea, Anyone?

 “And time yet for a hundred indecisions, and for a hundred visions and revisions before the taking of toast and tea.” -The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Saturday mornings call for tea, the farmer’s market, and downtown exploring with friends.  This morning my friends and I stumbled upon the cutest tea truck, repurposed from an old horse trailer, at the river market.  I am a lover of all things cute, vintage, and tea-related, so I was all about it (I ordered the Lady Grey, in case you were wondering).  Then, with our hot tea in tow, we took to roaming the downtown streets, searching for old buildings to explore, dreaming of beautiful loft apartments, and taking some snaps of our outfits for my blog.  My friends have been coaching me through this whole modeling thing, and I think I’m making progress.  Maybe? Don’t tell me if I’m not, okay?  Here’s what Caroline and I wore for a casual morning of tea-drinking, exploration, and adventure.






That’s a lens cap in my back pocket, just in case you were wondering.

Listen to: Work It Out by Knox Hamilton

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