Spring Sprang Sprung

Shirt - TJ Maxx / Shorts - Lotus Boutique / Purse - Vintage Camera Bag / Ankle Boots - Forever 21

It finally feels like spring!  The temperature has risen high enough to unearth the shorts from the back of my closet just in time for Spring Break.  Two weeks ago, classes were being cancelled for ice on the roads, and this week the highs are in the 80s.  It seems like the warm weather is here to stay, and I could not be happier.

I’m home from college for a few days before I fly out to New Mexico for some really exciting things (more on that later), and I’ve been spending some time with my family, watching soccer games and doing some shopping.

Here is one of my go-to spring outfits:

Watch - Urban Outfitters

What are your go-to pieces for spring?

3 thoughts on “Spring Sprang Sprung

  1. Cute outfit and you are so lucky! It’s still below zero here in Canada where I live. Snow as far as the eye can see and I am desperate for some warmth! That watch is awesome, btw!

    1. Oh my! How do you survive in such cold weather? Winter only lasted about three months where I live, and I was ready for it to go. And thanks! This watch is probably my favorite jewelry item I own!

      1. I haven’t a clue how we do it. My sister and I were just talking about that. If Canada weren’t such a friendly and beautiful place to live, I’d be OUT OF HERE. Lol!

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