Hat In Hand


A few weeks ago, as I was tumbling down the rabbit hole that is Instagram, I stumbled upon a picture of this wall and fell in love with it.  I don’t live very far from Birmingham, so I forced two of my friends to drive up there with me one weekend and make a day trip out of it to take some photos, do some shopping, and eat some cheesecake.

Lately, I’ve been really into exploring the places I’ve been visiting for years and getting to know the city’s historical, less commercial side.  But of course, we couldn’t pass up shopping altogether.  We’re all going on international trips this summer.  Between the three of us, we’ll visit England, France, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland by the beginning of August.  So in anticipation of the mild European weather (hooray for escaping the Alabama summer heat!), we took to the racks.

IMG_4975 I used this opportunity to take my new favorite hat out for a spin.  Since I’ve been saving up for my study broad trip this summer, I’ve been budgeting my money very strictly over the past few months, allowing myself to buy only groceries and gas.  However, as a reward for making it through an interview, I decided to treat myself to a hat that I had been eyeing at Target for a few weeks.  I’m a hat person, for sure, and I definitely plan on incorporating them into my wardrobe more.





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