Delightfully Vintage

IMG_5980Hello from England!

I’m currently studying abroad at the University of Oxford in England, and between classes and weekend trips and exploring Oxford, I’ve been pressed for time to write. Oxford is an incredible city, full of history and art. The architecture is swoon-worthy, and the literary history is so rich. I’m in heaven. I’m only here for two more weeks, so I feel as though I have to pack as many experiences into a short amount of time as I possibly can. To try every restaurant and coffee shop and pub, visit every museum and library, and find every off-the-beaten-path treasure. Time is passing too quickly.

And of course, I’ve been doing some shopping, mostly at vintage and independent shops, where I’ve managed to find some really great things. My favorite purchase I’ve made so far is probably a green faux-leather midi skirt that I found at a vintage shop on Cowley Road. That being said, I am pretty keen on my new Oxfords. English summers are pretty mild compared to what I’m accustomed to. Since I’ve been here, the temperature has gotten above 75 only once or twice, so a leather skirt was perfect for my recent trip to Canterbury.

 Skirt – Vintage / Oxfords and Sunglasses – Independent shop in Oxford / Purse – Vintage

IMG_5978Stay tuned for more posts about my study abroad adventure!


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