To My Third Apartment


To my third apartment:

From the unreliable air conditioning unit and perpetual mold problem of the first and the strange and uninvited visitors of the second, I really really hope I’ve found my match. Third apartment, you’re no luxury resort, but you’re charming in your own way. Sure, you get a little sketchy when the sun goes down, and there was a gigantic mystery stain on the carpet when I moved in, but I can look past that. You’ve tested me. You’ve showed me what I can live with, and what I can live without. Like a bed. A mattress on the floor, covered in my favorite quilt and lots of pillows, will do just fine. I like that it makes me feel like a bohemian, as weird as that sounds. There isn’t much room for furniture, and in that respect you’ve taught me the art of space-saving. Vintage tables and salvaged wooden crates are good bedside tables, and large woven baskets that can slide under my desk hold all my miscellaneous items. Wall hooks for jackets and cardigans and bags are essential. Thanks to you, I know that if there is a space-saving contraption that can hang over a door, I need it and to never ever say no to a full-length mirror. Practicality aside, you’ve taught me the things I need most to make you feel like my home are few. Pictures of family, tiny plants that I’ll probably kill, lots and lots of books, and a friend or two. And luckily, those things are the easiest to come by.

I wrote this post in collaboration with Parachute and their Dorm Room Essentials series. The bedroom items I’ve included in the post are those that I consider to be my college dorm/apartment essentials. I hope you enjoy!


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