Merry and Mild

_MG_7666Hey there!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, what I’m about to say will not come as a shock to you: Alabama weather is not my favorite. I live for cool weather, chunky sweaters, and bonfires. But no. The summers here are unbearably hot and humid; the fall, though not unbearable, is still hot; and when winter does finally come around, it’s an all-of-a-sudden and very fleeting affair. And if I’ve learned one thing during my twenty-one years here, it’s that you can never count on the weather to do what it should.

This Christmas, temperatures were in the 80s – almost record-breaking – and it rained for days prior. In my mind, Christmas is meant to be spent bundled up in front of the fire, but in reality, I had to force myself to wear a sweater and resign myself to the fact that I would be hot all day long.



I could not get over the high temperatures and spent a lot of time telling my family that 80-degree temperatures in the winter are criminal and an abomination against Christmas, but I was more than okay with the rain. I love rain, partially for the sound and the smell and its knack for providing the perfect weather for reading, and partially because I love tromping through puddles in my rain boots. Last month for my birthday, my family got me the cutest rain boots I had been eyeing. They were seriously a steal, and I’ve been wearing them every chance I get.



I hope you all had a great Christmas!


10 thoughts on “Merry and Mild

  1. you look beautiful! I love everything you’re wearing 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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