Pink and Dreamy


As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve decided to change the way I shop. So instead of buying tons of clothes I don’t need that were made in sweatshops, I’ve resolved to buy clothes from ethical and fair trade companies or thrift stores on a more as-needed basis. As a result of this lifestyle change, the content on my fashion posts will change as well. Because of my current financial situation, it just isn’t feasible for me to scrap all of the clothes I own that were not produced ethically – almost all my clothes – and create a new wardrobe from scratch, which means that over the coming months and years, I will be slowly working ethical clothing into my wardrobe and cycling out what I’ve purchased from fast fashion brands. I say all of this to say that the ethical fashion movement is one I’ve come to be passionate about, and as a result, I don’t want to promote in my fashion posts brands whose ethics I don’t agree with.

I love doing fashion posts, and I don’t want to give up on them altogether. So how I’ve decided to reconcile my obstacles with my reluctance to stop making fashion posts is to make the posts more conceptual, not about the clothing pieces themselves and where to buy them but about the combinations or patterns or materials.

Which leads me to my next point…


TURTLENECKS AND WINTER COLORS. I remember very vividly hating turtlenecks as a child and I was unsure how I would feel about them at 21. But I took a chance and discovered that I really love them these days, especially cropped ones paired with medium length, collarless jackets. I really like how the jacket hangs down past the sweater but the sweater peaks up over the jacket. I’m also really keen on this color combination. Dark denim with a cream sweater and olive green jacket. It’s subtle but really nice, especially when paired with this dreamy pink wall I found while exploring downtown. This sweater + jacket combo has become the outfit of winter.





What’s your go-to winter wear?

– Lauren

6 thoughts on “Pink and Dreamy

  1. I L-O-V-E the idea of doing fashion posts more conceptually than materialistically. I am eager to see how it goes! My winter go-to outfits are comfy sweaters and thrifted striped turtlenecks (p.s. you rock turtlenecks) with slim trousers or mom jeans. And warm, fluffy socks, forever and ever.

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