In December, while on my DCNew York girls’ vacation, I found out that some poems I’d written had been selected to be presented at a conference in Minneapolis. Since my university funded my trip – and I’m never one to turn down a free vacation – I spent the first week in March braving the cold and exploring Minnesota for the first time.

The conference lasted from Wednesday to Saturday, and because my presentation was on Friday, I had three full days to explore the city.

My favorite place by far was North Loop, the warehouse district to the north of downtown Minneapolis. I found it while on the hunt for some locally-owned businesses and fell in love. Old industrial buildings – be still my beating heart – have been converted into independent shops. One of the shops – The Foundry Home Goods – stocks all-natural and fair trade home goods from artisans both local and international. There’s even a nice, cuddly dog that hangs out in the store all day. My absolute favorite part of North Loop, though, was the Bachelor Farmer, a locally-owned cafe, where I had some really good local coffee and tried beets for the first time. I ordered an open-faced sandwich with cheese, beets, nuts, and honey, and it was so good. So. Good.

Also, it snowed, which doesn’t happen very often down South. Since my southern self couldn’t handle the cold weather, I kept my hands tucked inside my coat pockets and got hardly any photographs.


My week in Minneapolis marked my first trip of 2016, and I’m looking forward to some upcoming vacations within the next few months. Stay tuned for some posts about my Spring Break trip coming up soon!

What’s your next vacation spot?

– Lauren

5 thoughts on “Minneapolis

  1. Gorgeous shots!
    My next trip(s) are to Orlando, FL. for a missions conference and Bay City, MI. for a family vacation. I’m thinking Florida will be first but I’m not sure yet….

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